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The Rags to Regency Tour is the best way to experience Brighton. We will take you on a fascinating yet leisurely bike ride though Brighton’s colorful past. With many stops at the main sightseeing spots, and a few hidden extras that even the travel guides have forgotten, prepare to gasp with amazement and laugh with surprise as your guide shares with you the quirky tales of Brighton’s yesteryear.

 There are lots of great chances to take photographs along the way, so do bring your camera. Come and enjoy riding our comfortable bikes through the city’s center, Cultural  & Bohemian Quarters, park, and the artistic back streets of Brighton. The stunningly smooth cycle paths along the beach front are just waiting for you to cruise along them, so what are you waiting for? This is a fact-filled fun adventure suitable for all who enjoy sightseeing in a more interactive way. Brighton Bike rides Trip Adviser 5 star review. Sightseeing Brighton City in Style.

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Just some of the Rags To Regency Tour Highlights

       7The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion was built by the flamboyant King George the IV, while he was still Prince Regent. It was sold by Queen Victoria to Brighton Council for just £53,000.


The Chapel Royal

One of the most popular Churches in the 18th Century during the Regency era, The Chapel Royal was used by the Prince Regent until one day he took personal offence at a particular sermon, and never returned.

6North Laine

Used to be the slum of Brighton on the outskirts of town, The North Laine is now considered to be the  Bohemian part of Brighton, filled with shops, restaurants, pubs and a comedy club.

4The Town Hall

Built in the hub of Brighthelmstone town, The Town Hall still holds under it the old police station where a world record still goes unbroken today.

8Preston Manor

Though dated mostly from 1738, Preston Manor has some parts that date back to the 13th century, and is said to be the most haunted house in Sussex.


Brunswick Square

Built to fill the demand of the booming Brighton population, Brunswick Square has had a very colourful past with many talented and famous people having been born and lived there, and has many blue plaques to prove it.


The Fishing Quarters

Right in the heart of Brighton beach is the fishing quarters. See the area where the fisherman rioted once due to tourists asking them to move their fishing nets.

1YMCA Building

Find out what important person to The Prince Regent lived here, and why people believed there was a tunnel leading to The Royal Pavilion from its basement.


 Pet Cemetery

One of the most bizarre things in one of the gardens of Preston Manor house is the tombstones hidden behind the flowers. They are not of humans but dearly loved and missed pets, for Preston manor has the first ever pet cemetery in Sussex and definitely worth a visit. The inscription on the stone in the image reads. “To the memory of my dear and faithful dog, Pickle “

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